A cornerstone of rehabilitation is exercise prescription. Whether the issue is one of inactivity, muscular injury, or even arthritis of the knees back or other joints Dr Mueller will come up with a plan for care which will include an active component to help improve your mechanics, and/or your lifestyle. Additionally, if you would like to go over current exercises that you already do, Dr Mueller will help you to determine which exercises are appropriate for you today and what modifications would be appropriate.

Whether your goal is to recover to a pre-injured status, to focus on specific athletic skills, or to focus on skills such as core stability, balance or other issues, this is a pivotal part of a plan to empower patients to take an active role in their care.

Dr Mueller’s Rehabilitation Resources

Sample Exercises for Back Care

POSTURAL STRAIN SERIES by Dr Ken Mueller Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

SLUMP EXERCISES by Dr Craig Leibenson Introduction | Intermediate | Advanced

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please note that any information contained within this page, or linked to by this page is intended as information to support current treatments, NOT AS A SUBSTITUTE for the advice or treatment of your current health care provider. Consult your provider before undergoing any new exercise routines, and if any of the above advice leads you to experience discomfort, shortness of breath, dizziness, or any other unpleasant symptoms, discontinue the exercise and consult your health care provider immediately. Dr Mueller and his professional associates disclaim all liability associated with any harm that may come from the use of the information contained within this site

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Ravi Raj
November 12, 2022

Great advice, good bedside manner and most importantly effective treatment is what's kept me going back to Dr. Mueller. I also appreciate that he has let me take treatment... read more

Mark Sinkovic
October 14, 2022

amazing practitioner with a wealth of knowledge

Eric C
October 14, 2022