Dr Ken Mueller

Dr. Ken Mueller was born and raised in Mississauga and spent many of his younger years training as a competitive figure skater. Training opportunities lead him to Montreal for 7 years during which he was a Junior National Team pairs skater from 1994-1997, completed a Health Science degree at Champlain Regional College and a BSc in Exercise Science with a specialization in Athletic Therapy from Concordia University.

Education and Background

From 2000-2004 he returned to Toronto to complete his Doctorate in Chiropractic at the renowned Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College and concurrently completed a Diploma in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture.

Throughout his education and into his professional career as a chiropractor he continued working with young figure skaters across Canada teaching a range of skills from core stability, body alignment, power development and jumping technique. Through organized classes, seminars, volunteer work at regional and national level competitions and published articles, he continues to give back to the sport.

Professional experience

As a chiropractor he draws on a diverse skill set through his varied educational foundation in health and exercise sciences as well as the regular continuing education courses he values to keep his skill set current. In 2005 he established and managed the QSMC Chiropractic Clinic which was affiliated with the Queen Spadina Medical Centre. Sadly, the property was expropriated in the summer of 2022 as part of the future site of the Queen/Spadina subway station. During his years at Queen and Spadina he also consulted frequently with Panno Medical which is a business providing onset health care services to tv and film industry around the Greater Toronto Area. Through that relationship, he provided support for many productions over the years including the 2010 film Red, the 2013 film Mama, tv productions including Saving Grace and Hannibal as well as many others. He also served as part of the core medical team for Seasons 3 and 4 of the CBC production of Battle of the Blades in 2011 and 2012. Dr Mueller also designed a mobile branch of service which was officially renamed “Mobility Care” following the closure of the QSMC Chiropractic Clinic. Focused predominantly on assessment and delivery of custom orthotics, he has for many years, offered mobile services both inside and in close proximity to large businesses whose employees had a hard time making it to his clinic to access essential care.

Current affiliations and philosophy of care

As of the fall of 2022, Dr Mueller established a new brick and mortar home for Mobility Care within the Rosenberg Chiropractic Clinic, and moved his primary clinical practice to Sports Medicine Rehabilitation at Dundas and Bloor. The new home for Mobility Care offers flexible hours at the fixed location, and flexible locations during onsite assessment dates. Sports Medicine Rehabilitation offered a great opportunity to work in a full service multidisciplinary rehabilitation clinic alongside a diverse team of health care providers including physiotherapists, massage therapists, a psychotherapist and a chiropodist. Additionally there is a physician on staff to support the team with any medical assessments or referrals which patients may require.

Regardless of location, Dr Mueller’s goals are to provide evidence informed health care to promote and optimize your healthy lifestyle.

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